Benner's Bed & Breakfast


A credit card number is required to secure your reservation. For reasons of security and insurance there are no exceptions to this requirement. This must be a regular, non-prepaid credit card. A deposit will be placed on this card when you make the reservation. During your stay, you may choose to pay the balance using a different credit card, or you may use cash. Sorry, debit card is not accepted as a method of payment at this time.

Reservation and Cancellation Policies

1. A non-refundable deposit of 20% of reservation total will be charged to your credit card at the time reservation is made (minimum deposit is $25 + tax). 2. A reservation may be cancelled without additional charge (other than the original deposit) until the cut-off time, which is 168 hours (7 days) before 13:00 EDT on the starting date of the reservation.  Reservations cancelled after this cut-off time must be paid in full. 3. The non-deposit balance of the reservation total is payable either at the time of cancellation (if made after cut-off), or during your stay. 4. Cancellations are verified by email – a reservation is considered officially cancelled at the date and time that we receive the email request for cancellation. 5. A reservation may not be reduced in size without penalty, and may not be moved to another date without penalty. 6. A reservation may not be transferred without the express permission of our management.

Contact Us to make a reservation

Local calls/International:  +1-613-789-8320